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2021 Housing Market

2021 Housing Market

April 23, 2021


Recently, you may have seen reports that a record-low number of homes are available for sale compared to the past 10 years. It's no surprise that many hopeful homebuyers are having issues securing a home.1

Lack of inventory
There are a few major differences between 2007 and now, but what is the biggest difference? What we’re seeing now might be a bubble, but it is primarily driven by the current lack of inventory. At the same time, we are seeing high demand by buyers looking to move up or relocate post-pandemic.

It’s a seller’s market
In many ways, this may be the most friendly market we’ve seen in quite a while for home sellers. Right now, nearly half of homes are selling within roughly a week or less. At the same time, median prices are rising at a phenomenal rate, and national prices, in general, have increased 17.2 percent over last year.2 Also, sellers are able to extract concessions from buyers which would rarely, if ever, happen in a “normal” market.

Why now?
Listings are skyrocketing for a number of reasons. Many experts believe the continued low mortgage rates, a pandemic-era construction slowdown, and an increase in money available for a down payment are all factors.3

In this hyper-competitive market, many people are thinking of taking advantage of the situation by listing a property or home. If you are contemplating selling or buying a new home, please give us a call. We are happy to discuss your options and how it relates to your overall financial plan.

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