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2023 Goal Setting

2023 Goal Setting

January 27, 2023


With the story lines of 2022 in the rear-view mirror, we look forward to 2023 and how to best prepare your financial plan. Markets will continue their ever-changing nature and ability to stump pundits who venture to look into their crystal ball. However, success can be found in a sound plan with tangible and written goals. Let’s review a few areas and questions to reflect on in order to formulate desired outcomes for 2023. 

  • Financial Plan
    • Having a plan for this year will lead to good habits and results in the future.
    • If you don’t have a plan, can we help you develop one?
  • Investment Strategy
    • Are you comfortable with your investment strategy? For our clients, we make sure that their investment strategy is appropriate for their unique financial plan and situation.
  • Balance Sheet Updates
    • Debt – given the interest rate spike in 2022, can high-interest debt be paid off?
    • Asset Allocation – are there areas (cash, real estate, private equity, etc.) that seem over/under weighted? What are the long-term impacts?
      • Trimming the fat – is anything on your balance sheet causing stress and can it be easily removed?
    • Cash Flow
      • Will your net cash flow differ from 2022?
      • Are there big purchases happening in 2023?
      • Will income fluctuate wildly depending on the economy or other factors?
      • Are you maximizing excess cash and saving/investing it appropriately?
    • Life Events
      • Are you planning retirement or have you retired recently?
        • New RMD requirement age 73 beginning 2023.
      • Did you change jobs or careers?
      • Did you add or lose family members?
    • Business Owners
      • Is it time to think about your exit strategy?
      • Do you have a retirement plan for your business?
        • This is a great way to retain employees.
      • Are you maximizing your savings for retirement?
        • There are vehicles specific to business owners that should be analyzed for suitability. 

A study done by Dr. Gail Matthews found you are 42% more likely to achieve goals by writing them down.  We’re happy to meet with you to develop your unique plan for 2023.


Matt and Andrew