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2024 Financial Plans:  What Are Your Priorities?

2024 Financial Plans: What Are Your Priorities?

February 07, 2024


We expect 2024 to be a volatile year with a lot of “noise”, especially related to geopolitical tensions/events and the election cycle. We try to help our clients tune out the noise by developing and executing on financial plans that will see them through a potentially volatile environment. 

Take a look at the planning opportunities below and think about your priorities for 2024. If you need help with this….that’s what we do and we’re happy to help. 

  • 2024 Cash Flow Plan - Do you have a firm handle on estimated income from all sources, estimated spending, savings goals, etc.? 
  • 2024 Tax Planning- Can you and/or your CPA put together a detailed estimated of your 2024 taxes and identify your best opportunities to reduce or defer taxes? 
  • 2024 Qualified Plan Contributions - If possible, are you maxing out your contributions to 401k, SEP plans, etc. Are you taking full advantage of any opportunities to contribute to Roth accounts? 
  • 2024 Charitable and Gifting Plans - Have you allocated dollars, and do you have a strategy for these important initiatives? 
  • Retirement Planning - Do you have a plan for retirement and are you on track to meet your goals? 
  • Investment Strategy - Do you and your financial advisor have a long-term strategy designed to meet your goals? 
  • Estate Planning - Current estate tax exemptions are at all-time highs but are scheduled to sunset at the end of 2025. How long has it been since you’ve updated wills, trusts, etc.? 
  • Risk Management - Have you evaluated your insurance policies recently, including life insurance? We see many cases where people have too little or too much insurance. 
  • Business Owners - Business owners have unique planning needs and opportunities to integrate their business plans with their personal financial plans and goals. Are you comfortable with the plans you have and are you on track to meet your goals?

We understand that it may be impractical to tackle all of these opportunities simultaneously. We can help you prioritize the lowest hanging fruit for your particular situation. Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help.


Matt and Andrew