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3 Tips for Navigating The 2020 Election

3 Tips for Navigating The 2020 Election

September 01, 2020


Over the next two months the election will surely command most of the headlines in the news, and the market will take notice as Election Day approaches. As mentioned in our previous election article; we believe fundamentals (corporate profits, interest rates) will be the primary determinant of market outcomes over the course of time.

The attached article highlights three thoughts to consider the next few months: expect volatility, focus on policy, and stay invested. We’d also like to recommend that investors refrain from large deviations to their plan based solely on predictions of election results.

Let us know if you want to discuss the steps we have taken to prepare for election volatility while remaining focused on a long-term investment strategy.  


Matt and Andrew


3 Tips to Help Navigate the 2020 Election