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Debunking What It Means to “Go Big or Go Home”

Debunking What It Means to “Go Big or Go Home”

November 20, 2020

For those of you who may be thinking about how or when you can add value to your community or to society at large…. beyond your business or career, here’s a great article from the Halftime Institute.  While Bob Buford, the author of Halftime, was often quoted as saying, “Go big or go home; don’t do dribs or drabs”, the article below provides good evidence that there are a multitude of models for getting involved and impacting the lives of others.

During this year of the pandemic and entering the holiday season, our hope is that you’ll be encouraged and inspired by this perspective. Let us know any time if you would like to discuss how this might apply to you or if you’d like to pursue it further.


Matt and Andrew


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